🎞 Macro photography of flowers ➖ Kátia Alves. ➖São Paulo / Brazil 🇧🇷

Photographer Kátia Alves

🎞 Macro photography of flowers 

➖ Kátia Alves

➖São Paulo / Brazil  🇧🇷 

Paulista, I began to like photography at the age of 44 years participating in a photographic essay of two models as assistant in the light (hitter).

Then came the interest in shooting with a more complete machine, working light, speed, background image …

With everything to learn, I took a photography course and started practicing trips!

At the same time, I see several tutorials and I confess that I still have a lot to learn!

On Facebook I participated in several photographic groups, and with much emphasis on my published photos.

I already had some prize pictures in the photography course, photographic groups, ViewBug, Gurushot …

I really like macro photography of flowers, of which I present some of my photographs.





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🔘 Natural satellite of planet earth ➖ Moon ➖ Kátia Alves / Brazil 🇧🇷

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