🔘Cover Day ➖ Dominique Agius ➖ Nice / France 🇫🇷

Photographer Dominique Agius

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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Dominique Agius ➖ Nice / France 🇫🇷

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Photographer Dominique Agius 

🎞 Nu Clair Obscur ➖Dominique Agius ➖ Nice / France 🇫🇷


🎞 Nu Clair Obscur

➖Dominique Agius
➖ Nice / France 🇫🇷

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“This series won the first prize at the 2015 photomenton festival and the second prize at the mouans-sartoux photo festival also in 2015. It will be presented in Arles as part of the 2018 European Nu Photo Festival”


I started photography when I was 15.
My passion of image grew with time and photography started as a hobby until it became my work.
I own a studio in Nice France where I teach photography.
The series on Low-Key Nude was produced 3 years ago. I did not want to create images of naked women. I wanted to photograph nude bodies.
This is why most of the photos in this series do not show any face.
I was looking for composition, writing with light. Searching for tensions, angles and curves.
This series won many prices through out the years and was shown in many exhibitions in several countries.

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➖Dominique Agius 

➖Nice / France 🇫🇷 


This project is an extension of a previous work called « nu en clair-obscur » (nude in low-key). The human body has always fascinated me. I use it as raw material in my studio and try to express specific emotions. This present series adds motion to the equation.

In « le corps en mouvement », my goal was to capture bodies in motion at the exact point where tensions are at their climax. During this fraction of a second, I wanted to get the essence of balance just before it collapses. This perfect moment when everything is order before everything falls apart.

Timing was important. But the lighting was even more crucial. I wanted to sculpt these bodies in a specific way. Using a mix of hard and soft lights with most of the shadows facing the viewer.

Finally, I had to find professionals able to manage their bodies in space. And I was very lucky: Dancers of course, but also acrobats, sportsmen and many other skillful persons joined this project.

This series was completed in September 2016 and was in many exhibitions since then in various countries.

The human body will also be in the center of my current new project. But let’s wait until it’s completed.


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