🔘 Biography➖ Szilvia Bögölyné Molnár➖ Hungary 🇭🇺 ➖ July 10, 2020

🔘 Biography

➖ Szilvia Bögölyné Molnár

➖ Hungary 🇭🇺

My name is Szilvia Bögölyné Molnár and I come from Kópháza, Hungary.

I started doing photography in 2015 when my daughter was born, with the aim of capturing every single moment of her growth.

I was not satisfied with the images I took in the beginning, so I enrolled in a course where I learned to use a DSLR camera.

I was so fascinated by this world that in 2019 I completed my official photographer training and became a professional photographer. After a while, I opened my own business.

With my husband’s support, we set up a studio in the attic of our house, which I named Studio Kópháza.

Since then, I have been continuously learning, attending workshops and improving my knowledge with the help of online photoshop education.

To achieve my goals, I have learned to sew to make clothes that are unique. In addition, I have taken a furniture painting course to renew old furniture in the right colour and style always to achieve the perfect composition.

First I came across the ‘fine art’ style during a workshop in 2019, which impressed me so much that it became my goal to develop further in it.

My main profile is family, female portrait and child photography. I am constantly working with child and female models, with whom we come up with new concepts, which then turn into wonderful unique photos.

I am happy and grateful to have found what I love to do and I thank my family who believe in me and support me every day in achieving my goals.



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Photographer Szilvia Bögölyné Molnár