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➖ Wienczyslaw Rak

➖ Poland 🇵🇱

My fascination with nature was evident from the early years of my life, when I “tired” my parents with a dozen kilometers of walks in the forest armed only with their dream binoculars. A dozen years ago I decided to perpetuate my meetings with nature, and so I started my adventure with nature photography. Since then, everything has changed. Natural photography has become my passion

It is impossible to count the hours spent on trials, mostly unsuccessful, peeping wildlife. But every hour spent in nature built my experience. I learned to blend into the environment. The elusive deer once began to “trample on my feet.” It is difficult to describe the emotions associated with observing the roaring deer bull from a distance of a few steps, or the view of a badger digging up the mouse and seizing it from a distance of one and a half meters. It is the knowledge of animal behaviour.





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Photographer Wienczyslaw Rak

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