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Photographer Paul Nagels


➖ Paul Nagels

➖ Netherlands 🇳🇱

Profession: Quality Engineer

I have started photography in my early years, interested in photography from the first time I saw my fathers camera an Agfa Isola. I was about 4 or 5 years when I took my first picture.

Later, when I was about 12-14 years, don’t know exactly, I bought my own SLR

At the age of about 22 I lost my interest in photography, and bought a simple compact camera, and I used it for years.

In 2003 after a severe motorcycle accident, I stopped driving fast motorcycles at the racetrack (Yamaha R1 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife) and I had to change my hobby and I bought a Canon 10D, my first DSLR. With my Canon 10D I started making pictures at the racetrack. Mainly I photographed fast motorbikes and sometimes, and due to the quality of the pictures, I came in contact with the Chief Editor of a motorcycle magazine, and he asked me to do some work for the magazine. That was the moment I decided to start as a professional sports photographer in Motorsports.

In the years 2004 -2007 I was a professional photographer, and I worked for several magazines and Internet sites such as Racesport, Moto Emotion, Motoplus. I attended at national, and international events such as Moto GP, WSBK.

In that time I had two professional DSLRs, a long prime telephoto lens and a hole bunch of smaller glass, mainly zoom lenses.

In 2008 I stopped as a professional photographer.

In 2010, I changed my two professional DSLRs for one FF camera, and in 2017 I changed after breaking my head for a long time my Canon gear to a Sony Alpha camera and glass. I am very happy that I finally changed to Sony, it was an expensive, but for me wise decision to make this change. In 2019 I bought my current Sony A7R IV.

After 2007 when I stopped photographing at racetracks, I focussed on wildlife and birds, until 2013 when I finally changed to landscapes. Until today I do mainly landscapes, and I believe that I have finally found my favourite photography subject.

I love to do landscapes. Since I do landscapes, I have learned so see the beauty of nature. Through doing landscapes, I have developed a completely different perception in nature. It is so beautiful out there…

I do this together with my lovely wife, and almost always she goes with me. When I’m taking pictures, she is scouting the nearby area for good new photo spots. She showed me many of my best photo locations! We really work as a team!

We love to travel for landscape photography, but unfortunately we don’t have enough time to travel to all the awesome locations in the world, we would love to go to… My bucket list is still so long, and getting longer every year when you get to know new locations. The world is so beautiful!

I hope that you have a good time enjoying my work, and lets have fun together with capturing the beautiful moments in life!

It brought me some really nice photos, loving nature, and some new friends. My photography goal: I hope I will ever make my most beautiful picture…


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