🔘 Biography ➖Marco Vancini ➖Italy 🇮🇹

©️Photographer Marco Vancini

🔘 Biography

➖Marco Vancini

➖Italy 🇮🇹

Hi everyone, my name is Marco and I am a 30-year-old Italian boy with a passion for photography.

This passion was born almost by accident 10 years ago due to a flood in my city.

Having always been passionate about everything concerning nature and therefore also the climate, I decide to take a camera to document here days …

From that moment I have not stopped photographing ..

I decided early on to start some photography classes to learn the basic techniques to get good images, and over time I realized that my photographic journey was focusing on fauna and night photography with the Milky Way as the main element .

Once I understood what my branch was, it only remained for me to further improve my technique both during shooting and post-production.

The most difficult thing was the study in the night sky as the constellations moved because of the terrestrial motion, and therefore the planning of the shots became fundamental, and in some cases also with several months of advance.

Once we learned all the necessary techniques and the study of the various locations, the road went downhill, all I could do was shoot and work the photos on the PC.

As far as wildlife photography is concerned, it has been easier since today on the internet you can find all the information on the location and habits of each individual animal.

Generally I divide my year from the photographic point of view according to the seasons, in fact the summer I dedicate myself exclusively to astrophotography, while the autumn and winter to the fauna in the mountains, perhaps with snowy environments or with those beautiful colors that nature autumn gives us.

Spring generally snaps less and I prefer to use it to plan the shots I will be doing in the following months.

Only after about 8 years of continuous study, of experiments, of often empty trips, am I really starting to be satisfied with my shots.





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