🔘 Biography ➖Ladislvav Madaj ➖Slovakia 🇸🇰

Photographer Ladislvav Madaj

🔘 Biography

➖Ladislvav Madaj

➖Slovakia 🇸🇰

My name is Ladislav Madaj, and I am 38 years old. I was  born 26.7.1981. All my life i have been living in Slovakia, where I was also born. Slovakia is beatifull country in the heart of Europe. I started with photography somewhere in 2009, when I bought myself from my colegue my first camera Panasonic Fz7. With this camera I sarted to explore words like iso, time, or  iris. But at that time i did not  understand those words yet. I took pictures of everything I saw. As every new photographer I thought, better technology, better pictures so after one year I bought myself another Panasonic FZ47. Any way it was much better camera than the previous one, but still not what I wanted. Landscape pictures wasn´t bad and yet not good either. Than my first SLR came to my way, SONY Alfa 200 with set lens. I was intersted in what could I possibly do with SLR and most importantly how to do it.  Than came to my way my first portraits photoshoots of my girlfriend and friends. I slowly discovered magic of Photoshop and HDR. In that time was pictures about different kinds of color editing but it was very far from reality. As years went by I was still looking. I wanted something different and I wanted to try new lenses, and so I sold my Sony and bought myself a first Canon 500D and that was a love for the first sight.  When I started to use Canon the doors of newe opportunities  automatically opened for me. Even if I had it only with Set lens,  at that time I already had some skills so I bought myself a first solid glass 50mm F1,8ll. With this lens I finally started to taking a reasonable pictures, which i continued to ruin with horrible edit. Still I was learning and trying new things, when I found out that basic version of  50mm f1,8ll was stopping me, right when the new one has come to the market I bought 50mm f1,8 STM, by the way I do still have this glass. Pictures become a little better. In the time about year 2015 I get to my fisrt photo workshop where lector taught us how to do the right pictures, how to use light, etc.  I got the chance to try better cameras and that convinced me that I need to invest into photography and in a Spring I bought Canon 700D. This camere was perfect combination with solid glass, and I realize that natural pictures are the way not those overedited one. Then here comes first summer, and I took my best pictures, and by the time, it gets even better and better. By months I had more and more photoshoots. Years went by and I wanted to move on. I may say I knew a lot at that time and technology just kept me down. Here came Spring 2016 and Canon introdused and put in a market new Canon 80D. So after a year I sold my Canon 700D and bought this new one. Witch this new Cnon and solid glass 50 they made perfect match to do a beautiful portraits. My skills in editing finally started to be on higher level and I was finally satisfied. Canon 80D served me well for two years straight when I mostly photographed portraits and sometimes even some weddings when I was aware of limits of crop sensor. After almost two and half years with 80D, I accidentaly get the chance to buy my first FF Canon 6DMKii. It was very spontanious choice and I hoped that camera arrive until Saturday, which was a day when I had to shoot wedding. It succesfully arrived, an I took my best wedding pictures ever. Control of this camera was very similiar to 80D so that was main reason why switching to this new camera was easy. Than happened something I didn´t expected. Burnout syndrome came and I didn´t know how to continue, nothing was good enough, I had even a few photoshoots but I wasn´t  happy with them. Models were amazing, I wasn´t. It lasted for almost 4 months. In a mean time  I sold all my Canon equipment, but beacuse of presure from my friends I kept only 6D MK II and three glasses 35mm f2, 50mm f1,8 STM and 85mm f1,8 USM. I told myself that I will be just hobby photographer and that is all.  As I mentioned this burnout lasted for four months until 26th Janury. I have a favourite model and She have a little sister. I wanted to shoot some pictures so I asked her and her sister and they both agreed. This photoshoot was really quick but those picture I took that day are the best ones in my carrier yet. I started to present those pictures and everything changed. Photos reached incredible success on Slovak pages and even abroad. People approached me and complimented my work. Models are voluntiering so much that I can choose. And all that changed happened because of that one particular photoshoot that happened 26th January, 2019. I have again my muse and will to create new things, and create new stories that will people like.







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