🎞 Urbex Photo Project ➖ Giovanni Roncan / Verona Italy 🇮🇹

Photographer Giovanni Roncan

🎞 Urbex Photo Project

➖ Giovanni Roncan / Verona Italy 🇮🇹

Roncan Giovanni, born in Verona Italy.

Used equipment: Nikon D800 Tokina FX 16/28 f / 2.8 lens.

The photos of these machines were made in an abandoned villa in Veneto Italy.

Lancia Appia 3 series:

Lancia exhibits the third series of the Appia at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1959.

The most striking difference – which disconcerts and makes the experts and the lancers discuss – lies in the line of the bodywork (always due to the designer Piero Castagnero, already author of the second series) line that, alternating rounded parts with others more tense and square, it is perhaps more modern than the previous series but it is certainly disharmonic.

Lancia Fulvia coupé:

From the not very successful sedan derived, in 1965, an elegant and sporty coupe, which became a huge commercial success, thanks to the beauty of the line and, later, to the impulse deriving from the numerous victories in rally competitions, culminating with the winning the 1972 International Rally Championship (forerunner of the World Rally Championship which will be established the following year).

Designed by Piero Castagnero, who was inspired (according to his own statements) to the Riva motorboat, the Fulvia Coupé is a 2-seater plus 2 sports berlinetta, with an elegant look, with a neat finish (like the bridge covered in real wood) and from sports performance. In reality, the similarities between the front and the side panel are quite evident, with the prototype presented by Giovanni Michelotti at the Turin Motor Show in 1961, on Fiat 1300/1500 mechanics.





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