🔘 Biography ➖ Rui Gouveia ➖ Batalha / Portugal 🇵🇹

Photographer Rui Gouveia


🔘 Biography

➖ Rui Gouveia

➖ Batalha / Portugal 🇵🇹

Rui Gouveia, was born in Mozambique on 10/03/1963, where he soon expressed interest in the

Arts, namely painting.

It was in Leiria that he developed his studies and taste for art, where at Galeria Capitel,

performs his first participation in a collective painting exhibition in 1980.

Currently, graduated in Civil Engineering, develops his professional career in the

Municipality of Batalha, responsible for the Municipal Works Division, where he has held since 1992.

It is represented at the Maria da Fontinha Castro d`Aire House Museum;

One of his paintings was offered by the City of Leiria to the French sister city Saint-Maur des Faussés

First prize for Caricature Estrebaria Bar Leiria 1989;

First Painting Award Best Artistic Work of the Battle of Engenho & amp Art 2006.

Participation in Contests / Exhibitions:

First Prize Tourism prize in Monochrome category 35th International Art Salon

Algarve Photo Gallery 2009, organized by the Racal Clube do Algarve.

– Award for Best Portuguese in the Monochrome category at the 35th International Salon of

Algarve Photographic Art 2009, organized by Racal Clube do Algarve.

– Honorable Mention at the Algarve People and Places 2008 Photographic Contest, organized

by the Association of Amateur Photographers of V.R. Sto. Antonio

First prize in the Heritage category ”2012 – Celebrations of the 500th Anniversary of the Creation of

Parish of Batalha Parish

First Prize in the Momentary Category 2012 Celebrating 500 Years of Creation

of the Parish of Batalha Parish

Second prize in the category of People 2012 Celebrations of the 500 Years of the Creation of

Parish of Batalha Parish.

– Collective exhibition at the Tenth Sea Photography Salon 2007 (organized by the

Portuguese Federation of Underwater Activities) – Maia Forum

– Collective exhibition called Ambientes Alentejanos in August 2009, organized

by the Dark Room Association at the António Aleixo Cultural Center – Vila Real Santo António

– Photography Exhibition “OBJECTIVE (MIND) CDC Auditorium – COIMBRA,

JANUARY 15 to FEBRUARY 15, 2010.

– Photographic Artistic Work for the illustrious Restaurant “Wine in any Circumstance”.
– Vila da Batalha
– Various advertising works of fashion – 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. – Participation in various photography sites, which include:


http://www.1000imagens.com e http://www.olhares.com


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