🔘 Biography ➖Marek PL ➖ Krakow / Poland 🇵🇱

Photographer Marek PL

🔘 Biography

➖Marek PL

➖ Krakow / Poland 🇵🇱

My name is Marek, I was born and I live in Poland. Even at six, I loved to draw. We created a harmonious team with my beloved grandfather. I made sketches for his paintings, he painted. Most of the time they were portraits of people and horses.

Unfortunately he left. I then stopped drawing.

I came back to this as a teenager, decorating the walls of the apartment with my drawings. The parents were not very happy about it at that time.

The next step of my interest in creativity is photography. I bought the first camera. Of course analog. I started looking for my way (I don’t know if I found it yet) Portraits, landscapes, reports. I stayed here for a long time. Wedding photography, I really liked the time. I started earning my first money in photography.

I also found that sculpting can be a lot of fun. I developed my workshop for several years and my small work could be purchased on the Old Krakow Walls in Florian’s Gate.

Unfortunately, it all ends at some point. I started to work, not related to photography, but my passion for creation remained. I bought a DSLR and photos and portraits of people became my favorite subject. Sometimes I can show my emotions. That’s what I value most in photography. Recently, inspired by my colleague’s photos, I discovered that old hand lenses can paint beautifully and give a lot of joy. They are amazing and sometimes unpredictable. Hope you see in my photos. I cordially invite you.





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