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Adam Okonowicz
Bruno Zavattin
Cristi Mocanu
Fábio Pisciotta
Jasmeet Singh
Marcello Tedeschi
Marco Pannocchia
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Pang Way
Saeid Mohammadzadeh
Sylwia Glazer

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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Marco Gemelli ➖ Messina / Italy 🇮🇹

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Photographer Marco Gemelli

🔘 Biography ➖Saeid Mohammadzadeh ➖Iran 🇮🇷


Photographer Saeed Mohammadzadeh


🔘 Biography

➖Saeed Mohammadzadeh

➖Iran 🇮🇷

Saeed Mohammadzadeh / 31 years old. Graduated in the field computer software engineering.

I have been traveling to different parts of Iran for four years to photograph nature and the environment.

My job is related to nature round. I also teach amateur photographers who are interested in Landscape photography.

In 2014, when we had a trip with my college friends, to one of the ports of Lake Urmia, the scene I was facing was horrible … until the eye worked for salt and drought! I saw Lake Urmia as a human being without the mouth and tongue that goes slowly towards death in loneliness.

That day, my interest began to be photography.

I decided to link the beaches and inner parts of Lake Urmia with a photo recording of this environmental catastrophe to people and authorities.

Take pictures of beauties to show people who are in touch with nature Or obscurity in the nature of photography that human beings create to be ugly in nature. In order to be a lesson for our future people, they should be less vulnerable to environmental degradation.

My photography trips to different parts of Iran are accompanied by different kinds of nature. Iran is a country of four seasons and different nature. It has forests, lakes, deserts, unique natural phenomena such as colorful mountains in the East Azarbaijan Province and Badab Suort of Mazandaran province … and this countless reasons make me interested in these creative areas. Take pictures. Sometimes with a dawn or a beautiful sunset .Sometimes I’ll do astronomical photography under billions of stars.

The most important thing about my photography is that I’ve almost learned the art myself, studying articles about photography, looking at photos, seeing educational films, and more. Because today, I’m feeling the most technical and visual points in photography and the result of my work, so as long as my body allows me, I will certainly be on the path to environmental photography and nature and the reason is that photography for me is to see things that maybe fewer people see close to this scene and I’d love to capture these moments forever. because sometimes a picture can affect the type of society’s thinking and view, most of all.

Earned Photography Awards:

Environmental Photographer of the Year 2018 / UK

Gold medal for Balkan Frame International Photography Festival 2018 / Montenegro

Third place at the International Space Photography Festival of Iran 2019 / Iran

Awarded the special prize of the International Environmental Photography Festival 2018 / Italy

Jury Appreciation Award at International Pacific Photo Festival – Atlantic 2018 / Malaysia

Honorable Mention at the 7th International Astronomy Photography Festival, TWAN 2018 / Iran

Third place in the Travel Experience Photography Competition in Iran 2019 / Iran

Interview and publish photos in several Iranian and foreign newspapers and magazines

Holding photography and photo editing workshops in Iran.







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🔘 Biography ➖Marek PL ➖ Krakow / Poland 🇵🇱

Photographer Marek PL

🔘 Biography

➖Marek PL

➖ Krakow / Poland 🇵🇱

My name is Marek, I was born and I live in Poland. Even at six, I loved to draw. We created a harmonious team with my beloved grandfather. I made sketches for his paintings, he painted. Most of the time they were portraits of people and horses.

Unfortunately he left. I then stopped drawing.

I came back to this as a teenager, decorating the walls of the apartment with my drawings. The parents were not very happy about it at that time.

The next step of my interest in creativity is photography. I bought the first camera. Of course analog. I started looking for my way (I don’t know if I found it yet) Portraits, landscapes, reports. I stayed here for a long time. Wedding photography, I really liked the time. I started earning my first money in photography.

I also found that sculpting can be a lot of fun. I developed my workshop for several years and my small work could be purchased on the Old Krakow Walls in Florian’s Gate.

Unfortunately, it all ends at some point. I started to work, not related to photography, but my passion for creation remained. I bought a DSLR and photos and portraits of people became my favorite subject. Sometimes I can show my emotions. That’s what I value most in photography. Recently, inspired by my colleague’s photos, I discovered that old hand lenses can paint beautifully and give a lot of joy. They are amazing and sometimes unpredictable. Hope you see in my photos. I cordially invite you.





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