➡️ 30-day service publishing plan on GSP Magazine website / blog

C1F85C34-3D70-4D2E-85A8-A2ED6A947291⇒ This plan available to members and followers of the magazine includes:
– (01) one daily posting within 30 calendar days of (01) one link and up to (02) two images provided upon payment confirmation by the website / blog.

⇒ After this period, you must make a new payment and a location / country / date and time notification on the site / blog channels with proof of payment to continue posting to the site / blog.

* 30-day service publishing plan on GSP Magazine website / blog

As specified in the body of the post.





The advertising contract, the adhesion of
contractual term is given by this term, its purpose is:

– The insertion of electronic advertising through
GSP Magazine Website Administrator :;
– Administrator ensures ad serving
contracted no later than 72 hours after registration of the
purchased delivery method, the viable delivery of the material
to be linked and payment confirmation
of the adopted plan.

– Advertiser must submit and submit all material
(link / image) compatible with the format required by
operating system of the site / blog.