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➖Oliver Herbold 

➖Mitcheldean, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 

Hi, my name is Oliver Herbold and I’m born and bred in Germany. In 2010 I moved to England and currently I live in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, at the outskirts of the beautiful Forest of Dean. When I crossed the channel, all I brought with me was my car, two suitcases and a six month work contract. Well, today in 2019 I’m still here…

You may expect something like that I’m into photography since I got my first camera from my parents at the age of nine and got hooked from day one… Unfortunately that wouldn’t reflect reality. What I tell you instead is, that it took until 2013 when I got myself a little point and shoot camera. It had quickly been replaced with a Bridge Camera and in October the same year that one had to leave for my very first DSLR. Inspiration from photographers all over the world was a strong driving factor for a steep learning curve and I’m looking forward to keep it this way for a very long time.

Qickly photography became a very important counter part to my day time job as a software engineer. It is my perfect way to balance a life in the automation business, ruled by logic and algorithms, with creativity.

Landscape, nature and wildlife photography is what I mainly focus on. It turned out from the beginning that I have developed a fondness for Long Exposure Photography. Whenever I can, I try to make motion visible and present sceneries in a way the bare eye can’t see. Photo manipulations and the process of creating Fine Art, using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is no taboo for me. The final result is what matters and I don’t claim to show reality in my images – art is the key! Trying to keep my mind open to a wide range of field keeps photography interesting, fascinating and exciting to me.

When you’re as passionate about something as I am about photography, when the results become more appealing because you are honing your skills and you gain experience, then people begin to ask you for help, tips and tricks and demonstrations of your workflow. This is how I started organising workshops and giving 1-2-1 tuitions, as well as presenting talks to photography clubs. Nothing is more satisfying than sharing my experience and helping fellow photographers to improve their own work.

Every now and then I need to drag myself out of my comfort zone. As a photographer, I am very confident behind the camera but standing in front of it is something completely different. To change that, I decided to start my own Youtube channel early 2018. There I create vlogs about my travels as well as  photography tutorials. The creation of these videos is more time consuming as I ever imagined but the results are very rewarding and I will certainly try to invest more time into these videos.

Thank you for reading til the end. It shows that you were interested in my story. Should there be anything in particular you would like to find out about me and I haven’t mentioned it, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask your question. I will do my very best to help and assist.







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