🔘Biography ➖Britta Prohl ➖Kerpen / Germany 🇩🇪

Photographer Britta Prohl


➖Britta Prohl

➖Kerpen / Germany 🇩🇪 

My name is Britta Prohl and I live in Kerpen / Germany. Since childhood, my heart beats for animals. Especially for dogs. Dogs accompany me at every turn, in front of and beside the camera. I came to photography through my brother Manfred Hogreve, who has been photographing motorsport for years. In 2015, I bought my first camera. First an EOS 750D SLR camera. A short time later followed the 7D Mark ll. With the addition of the 5D Mark lV this year, my gear should be (almost) complete. Between the workshops, I read books and looked intensively at the pictures of other photographers. Gradually, I found my own style. There is no standstill. I keep developing. I’m happy about feedbacks and questions about my pictures. Every animal is so versatile in looks, facial expressions and personality. Always on the hunt for the moment, I wait for the decisive moment to capture the inside of my animal counterpart with the camera. I like portraits as well as moving pictures in action. My selection of the most popular motifs from my personal view as a photographer and the reactions of the observers I show here.





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