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Alberto Daniel Gangi
Britta Prohl
Javier Maza Perez
Nestor Panganiban Jr
Paco Martínez Vera
Pits Art
Roberto Reginali

🔘 Cover Day ➖Mateusz Górniak ➖Kingston Upon Hull / England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Photographer Mateusz Górniak

🔘Biography ▫️▪️Fineartphotography ▪️▫️ ➖ Kathleen Greenwood ➖ Illinois / USA 🇺🇸

Artist Kathleen Greenwood


▫️▪️Fineartphotography ▪️▫️

➖ Kathleen Greenwood

➖ Illinois / USA 🇺🇸 

Kathleen was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently resides in Springfield, Illinois. She entered Sangamon State University and the University of Illinois earning several masters degrees in the social work field. Her interest in art began at an early age and continued throughout the years intermittently until it evolved into a strong interest in mixed media and digital art.

Kathleen has taught art workshops in the community, created art to support local libraries and donated art to various community projects. Her influences include but are not limited to Sterling Edwards, Sebastian Michaels, Nancy Reyner, Bonnie Lhotka, Darrel Tank, JD Hillberry, Aaron Rutten, Claudia Nice, Colby Files, Gabriel Olude and fellow artists locally and nationally. These influences are not only of a technical nature but include philanthropy.

Kathleen has been published in the Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine, the GSP Magazine online international magazine and the Photographize magazine.(forthcoming January 2019). She has exhibited and/or won awards at Fusion Art Gallery, Heaven’s Art Gallery, Light, Space and Time Gallery, the St Louis Artist’s Guild, Orenda Gallery in Reno, the Chatham Library Annual Art Exhibit(local) and the October National Exhibit in Decatur, Illinois.

Her current projects include a series of steampunk themed designs for an exhibit and fine art cards for a local gift shop. Kathleen’s forthcoming projects will include silhouettes, collages, surrealism, and photography.(black and white, monotone and infrared.)

I am a self taught artist who has evolved technically and conceptually through workshops, online digital courses and educational videos. I also have an extensive library of books on mixed media, alternative and traditional photography. My personal interests, feelings, external influences and life experiences can be observed in my work My style is eclectic and most recent endeavors include creating designs with a similar theme or concept. I have personally observed how art can change public opinion, create new ideas or re-construct a person’s life based on their involvement in the art world. I am often following multiple paths simultaneously with a vision to create more art that combines traditional with non-traditional elements. Although I may have some set patterns, I do not have a set formula for the majority of my designs but utilize a lot.

Of experimentation and inspiration from other artists to start a project. Sometimes ideas seem to occur without rhyme or reason. My workflow may or may not include a pre-conceived vision. Art for me has been a meandering path of unpredictable and surprising outcomes that seem never ending.







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