🔘Biography ➖Jacek Plichta ➖ Gdynia / Poland 🇵🇱

Photographer Jacek Plichta


➖Jacek Plichta

➖ Gdynia / Poland 🇵🇱 

I’m a photographer enthusiast. I was born in Gdynia. It is a relatively young port city in the north of Poland. It is because of this position of the city, access to the sea and beautiful sun in different phases that brought out my passions of photography. I grew up in this city and I live here with my family. I have been interested in a photography since I was young and my whole life I have dreamt about becoming a photographer in later years. Unfortunately, my path went differently and my passion for photography would have to wait.I became a mechanic of industrial machinery. This profession makes me also happy because I’m interested in electronics but more specifically in digital microprocessor systems. As well as their programming. I constructed all kinds of gadgets such as clocks, timers and drivers but all my passion is in photography. After graduating from school I started to work in this profession. Shortly afterwards I started a family, so I did not have time for my passion. When my kids grew up,I found that I had some time for my passion – photograpy. I looked through the wardrobe and dusted off my first camera, analog DSLR. But time passed quickly and camera technology went ahead. I felt I had to buy a new digital camera, Pentax. I fell in love with this device. I enjoy sleeping but if I have to get up early in the morning to watch sunrise, Im the early bird, Im first long before the clock. Passion calls. So with a big smile on my face and full of energy I’m racing on my beloved sea. It’s just the sea, waves, clouds are grateful images of photography. However, I’m not fullfilled. My next step will be to combaine portraits with nature. I want to improve my skills and photography techniques. All my spare time I spent on searching for new pristine beaches and magic places, which gives me the opportunity to take the most beautiful photograph. Moving forward in life I would like to leave the mechanical industry behind me and continue with my dream…. photography.







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