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Photographer Christine Anne


➖Christine Anne

➖Southern California / USA 🇺🇸 

“Photography is my vision, my depth of imagination.  It all boils down to the ability to encapsulate the components of feeling something whether it is a place, thing or a person as a result in mind’s eye using a tool.”

With that said, photography started with a little Nikon Coolpix taking photographs of family vacations, family parties and Kodak moments of the younger generation of the clan.  I really did not give weight to the images taken until one member of my family commented and gave a remarkable recognition, it stayed in the back burner of my mind.  That Christmas, to my surprise, I was given my first DSLR, a Canon T3i and that is the genesis of my work.

Based here in Southern California, my family travels a lot from the last frontier, Alaska, trekking on  the Mendenhall Glacier (younger then), an experience of a lifetime to the  accent to the top of the world, the White Summit through the Yukon Pass. Witnessing glaciers crumbling  from Port Williams to the cable car ride overlooking  the Gastineau Channel. 

My experiences in European countries with impressive architectures from Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Neoclassic  and modern  was culturally inspiring.  Walking down the cobblestones alleyways in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and France was  impressive, just as I have pictured everything in my mind. The medley of castles in a contemporary urban setting is iconic. 

Then, there are the tropical Islands.  From sipping Mojitos or the “The Volcano” in the big Island was the highlight of the day.  From snorkeling, to the scuba diving in the most pristine waters of the islands of Palawan and Hawaii was one experience that is beyond words.  I find peace and solace when under the water. 

The impressive tour of the the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in the Philippines with majestic stalactite and stalagmites, entering a world of untouched natural beauty and all the in between from the south of the Philippines to the north.  And who could miss  the ethnic Filipino-American fusion culinary, the French food, the 7 course Italian meal while being serenaded and all others that was appealing to the palette.  The wines from the Italian vineyards to the simple concoction of wine prepared by the monks of Switzerland  was equally good.

The big island has impressive wonders that lead me to the capture of the black lava shores, lava channeling its flow from Pu’u ‘Ō’ō cutting a swath through the forest,  It is here that I was able to get my first aerial shot of the Pu “U Oo Volcano and a spectacular sight of the Circle of Fire with smoldering lava from the air.

Then, there is my accent to the tallest mountain, Mauna Kea significantly higher than the elevation of Mount Everest above sea level.  Watching the sunset from the top  was simply glorious. As complete darkness engulfed the area …. an indescribable feeling of looking at the heavens,  the stars seemed to be at my reach, Saturn with it’s five rings, the black hole and many more were just so visible.  Incredible but oh so cold.  

My continual expeditions to the national parks here in the U.S. gave me the greatest admiration  of what nature has to offer. Mother nature’s artistry at best in the red rock states.  The Grand Canyons, The Monument Valley, The Delicate Arch, The Canyon Lands.  The pristine valleys of Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone and countless more is giving me the inspiration to venture on.

Recently, my travel to the Northern lights of Norway of unbelievable sky show opened up a channel to more trips to that part of the world.  At one point, I stopped shooting and enjoyed the spectacular show of lights.  The sky just opened up and I was engulfed in green.  Looking forward to my travel to the south of the world, Patagonia.

All the travel memories shaped me who I am as a photographer today ….  a landscape artist, a minimalist and urban abstract photographer.  also dubbing in macro photography during my down time.  There is plenty more of the world to see and as I go along, enrichment of my kraft would hopefully make me a better artist. 


As Helen Keller said and I quote, “Life is an adventure or nothing alt all”.



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