🔘 Biography ➖Jean Marc Deltombe ➖ Valenciennes / France 🇫🇷

Photographer Jean Marc Deltombe

🔘 Biography 

➖Jean Marc Deltombe

➖ Valenciennes / France 🇫🇷 

Jean- Marc Deltombe , one of the  world’s  top ten art photographers

At the age of 59 , this artist from Valenciennes ,  also a GP  ,has just been awarded by world critics .

Born in Valenciennes (France)  in 1959 in the WatteauPavilion ,Jean-Marc Deltombe grew up in a family prone to Art .

His father , a first clarinet and saxophone prizewinner at the Conservatoire has also a gift for painting and calligraphy . His great- great cousin is no one but the famous painter named  Paul Deltombe  who befriended to  Signac , Matisse and  well –known  poet Emile Verhaeren  . 

As a child , he was attracted to music but learning music notation discouraged him . However keen on music he was , he had a liking for classical composers in particular Antonio Vivaldi, Jean –Philippe Rameau , Franz Schubert , Richard Wagner and especially Gustav Malher . 

From the age of 6 , he devoted himself to drawing and his work was soon noticed by painter André Dubuisson whose lessons he attended a few years later at Beaux Arts . As he was fascinated by  19th century family photographs , his father decided to initiate him into the  use of bellows . Thanks to his artistic talent , he was offered a basic camera at 11 years old and his first single –lens camera ( SLR) at 16: a Canon AE1 , a brand he is still faithful to . 

At 17 , he got in touch with Costa Gavras’ film team but he chose what he had wished at first :being  a General Practitioner . 

In parallel to his job , he went on his photographic quest focusing on portrait, artistic nude and architecture .

In 2012 , he posted  a photo of Venice on the Internet  and much to his surprise , he was contacted by two famous worldwide photographers namely Charles Lupica and Jean –Michel Missri and  his photographs were soon selected and published by worldwide photographic circles .

In  January 2018 , he was awarded  a  honorable prize of  the  International Photographer of the year 2017 ( in the nude category in the fine arts ) ,   a honorable prize at the 2nd ONYX in Romania and  a gold silver ( in the black and white category ). That same year , he was also awarded by the International Union of Photographers and finally got a gold medal by the Royal Photographic Society for a nude made at the Valenciennes  Art Gallery .  As a result , his work earned him to be considered by Aminoorraham Rana – a distinguished art critic – as one of the world’s top ten photographers  and to be ranked in the election of the 2017 International Photographer . 

Jean –Marc Deltombe reveals : “Photography is meant to  share what you feel at  a particular moment for  all eternity”

These photographs are veiled references to Art  in particular  to Caspar David Friedrich, a painter belonging to the Romantic Movement ,   philosopher Schlegel , the impressionists  of the Enlightenment  , Scandinavian Mythology ,  Venetian  architecture , Julia Margaret Cameron , Schubert ‘s  , Wagner ‘s and Mahler ‘s musical works  and  the  “Hamilton Blur ”( soft focus style )and yet they keep their own identities  that is  Jean –Marc Deltombe’s .

Currently, I have been working for several months to realize the project to publish a book devoted to the femininity and beauty of women. Portraits and nudes in reference to painting and first great photographers of the nineteenth century

















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