🔘Biography ➖Andrew Vasiliev ➖ Krasnodar / Russia 🇷🇺

Photographer Andrew Vasiliev


➖Andrew Vasiliev

➖ Krasnodar / Russia 🇷🇺 

I was born and live in Krasnodar (Russia). Contrary to stereotypes, there is very warm and quiet here, sometimes that  much that it’s too lazy to move.

I grew up in an ordinary and not rich family. My mother works as a children’s teacher, and my father was an artist and sculptor. Sure, we had some creative atmosphere in our family and, certainly, it had influenced on my future destiny, although I began to photograph much later. During this time I had finished high school, college, university  in the IT-sphere, got a job, and only after that I earned money for my first camera. I’ve been having the desire to make photo  shoots even before, but I couldn’t even imagine that I would succeed. About 5 years photography had been my hobby in a free time and only now I try to make it my main occupation.

I have started with the photography of architecture and landscapes and now I continue to shoot them. But I’m striving for shooting portraits these days. Gaining experience, I try to show not only looks like a person, but also a place in which heis, its occupation, character. I try to think up a story, or give an opportunity to viewer make it themselves with some elements in the frame. So this time I want to share my portraits with you, although I also love landscapes.







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