🔘 Biography ➖Manuel Martin ➖Winterthur / Switzerland 🇨🇭

Photographer Manuel Martin

🔘 Biography 

➖Manuel Martin

➖Winterthur / Switzerland 🇨🇭 

I was born the 21st September 1972 in Winterthur, a picturesque city in Switzerland surrounded by forests. Married to a wonderful woman, father of two children and we have also one family member more called Giorgio, a collie. I try to live my passion of landscape photography every minute I can in my spare time. I could tell you that photography fascinated me since my childhood, the truth is that it had never ever interested me until one cold day in December of 2011. It was my little daughter’s birthday and outside, it was raining and snowing at the same time. Obviously bad light conditions. As certainly almost every dad does, I had bought one of these snapshot cameras to capture those important little moments in the life of the loved ones. The entire family was standing in front of the birthday cake and I took my little camera out and tried to photograph that scene to death. Obviously, the cam was set to automatic since I had no idea how a camera works. Of course, I desperately searched for this one little button called “Make a stunner” but I only found the automatic button. I am still today looking for a camera with this imaginary button, so if anyone stumbles across one, feel free to contact me.

Well, imagine the behavior of my snapshot camera in such low and bad light conditions, and imagine the result! I flashed the entire family like a madman and, which is worse, they all looked like the “Adams Family” on the pictures, all pale due to the flash, looking like monsters. Next, I took more shots, this time without the flash. Also not a good idea, actually, more like a catastrophe (lol). So that’s when I decided to learn everything I possibly could about photography so that I would never live this situation again. Over the years, I learned a lot about composition from the myriads of books I read. As I love to hike with our dog (a Collie who accompanied me in 99% of all the shots I have made so far), my love for landscape photography was slowly set on fire. It was only in 2015 when my interest became a passion.



Nikon D810

Nikkor 14-24mm, f / 2.8

Nikkor 24-70mm, f / 2.8





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