🔘Biography ➖ Félix Alcaraz ➖ Madrid / Spain 🇪🇸

Photographer Félix Alcaraz


➖ Félix Alcaraz

➖ Madrid / Spain 🇪🇸 

My name is Felix Alcaraz. My camera is a Nikon d7100 and tokina 11-16. I discovered the photography recently. I like the darkness and the silence, the colors that the night has, the relationship with friends and the nocturnal environment. I do photography when most people sleep, when the phone does not ring, when nobody bothers. This is the moment that most attracts my attention because everything is different, until the time passes more slowly and the colors of the night are so different …

Then, with the help of my friends and flashlights, I give color to everything that I like, looking for something that can not be appreciated during the day.

I like lightpainting, and go out to photograph in the company of good friends, this is the main ingredient for a good night photo … that’s when I’m happy.







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