🔘 Biography ➖ Luis Alonso Ramírez ➖ Heredia / Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Photographer Luis Alonso Ramírez


🔘 Biography 

➖ Luis Alonso Ramírez

➖ Heredia / Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Like the “Oso” that stops time while he sleeps, while he dreams, so I intend to stop time, with a portrait, with a memory.

An “Hormiga” for its size, but it became an immense source of inspiration for many years. Why not make her beauty last? It was the question that started with this passion.

An antagonistic coincidence put a camera in my hands, amazed by a result, excited by an art hitherto unexplored. Leaving skepticism behind, a “Oso Hormiguero” started from that moment to build a dream.

From that moment, inseparable accomplices in that obsession with details, supported by the sensitivity required to capture a present and create concepts sustained by emotions, not only provoked but also perceived.

Photography would become the means to communicate, associated with demanding growth, technology subject to interpretation, technique accompanied by intention and faithful to develop that seal that identifies a style.

Enjoying today that romance between light and time, is how I get to know; turning each image into a window to my thoughts, understanding the essence of whoever poses in front of my lens and making memories our true passion.

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