🔘 Biography ➖Dario Carminati ➖Milan / Italy 🇮🇹

Dario Carminati

🔘 Biography

➖Dario Carminati
➖Milan / Italy 🇮🇹

My name is Dario Carminati, I’m 24 and I live in Milan, Italy.
I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and in my free time I dedicate myself to landscape photography and astrophotography. I have been dealing with photography for about 3 years, even though I started publishing my works on the web only in the last year.
In landscape photography I prefer non-anthropized contexts where nature can therefore show itself in all its authenticity.
Astrophotography particularly attracts me: in fact since childhood I have always been fascinated by the sky and I surrounded myself with posters and books about constellations and planets.
This passion has grown with me to lead me to the photographic observation of the sky and to a deeper knowledge of it.





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