🔘Biography ➖ Robert Juvet ➖ Dresden / Germany 🇩🇪

Photographer Robert Juvet


➖ Robert Juvet
➖ Dresden / Germany 🇩🇪

My name is Robert Juvet. I was born in Germany / Dresden and live a few years in the beautiful Switzerland in Appenzellerland.
My first camera came from my grandfather when I was 14 years old. It was a small picture black and white camera. I photographed a lot but then the interest in photography faded because I was very involved in sports. The years passed. At the age of 27 I met a man with whom I became very friendly. He was a pro playboy photographer from Hungary and he became my partner in a company. One day he bought a new camera. It was a Canon camera and I accompanied him. Some time later he gave me this camera and said to me “Before you press the trigger, please remember my words There are only two possibilities after you press the shutter button Either you will never take pictures again or it will tie you up that you will someday even buy a camera “. That’s exactly how it was after that.
My first camera was a Pantax K10 APS camera and I photographed everything that came to my mind. Of course everything in automatic mode. Every now and then I managed to get a great picture. However, many things changed over the years. I was no longer in automatic mode and I started learning. My former photographer taught me a lot about my friend and business partner. I dealt with manual photography. With long exposures and a variety of settings. I started working with filters and using the histogram.
To this day I photograph with passion. I specialize in adventure, travel, wildlife, nature and landscape photography and travel to many countries around the world. Especially the North has done to me so I visit Iceland regularly. Today I have special equipment and take pictures with 2 cameras. I discovered the Nikon cameras for myself years ago and take photos today with the Nikon D 810 and the Nikon D 850. Various lenses and photographic accessories provide interesting photographs. Which have often brought me national and international successes.
Of course, I am very pleased to receive so much encouragement. Also the many fans from all over the world who accompany my work and always motivate me to continue my work. They are also the key to my success.
For me, photography is a vocation and my motivation are enthusiastic and happy people, which I can tear from everyday life for a small moment and lead in thoughts to the place, which I present in the photo.

That means photography for me.
“Photography is inextricably linked to the time that holds it. It includes the time that elapses between the fingers, between the moments, with the time of things and people, the light and the feelings that determined that moment. This time will never be what it was. ”
My quote is:
“Photography is like writing with light, making music with color, painting with time and seeing with love”.




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