🔘Biography ➖ Michael Keel ➖ Petaluma / CA ➖USA 🇺🇸

Photographer Michael Keel


➖ Michael Keel
➖ Petaluma / CA ➖USA 🇺🇸

I feel privileged to be able to make art every day and to share it with my clients. My goal is to make images speak, exposing “how it feels”. I try to achieve in my work: balance, beauty, consistency and continual growth.
I began shooting at age 13. My passion for photography stems from my grandfather who was from Germany. He later immigrated to Montana, and then started his own family in San Francisco. My brother and I spent every other weekend flipping through old black and white photos in the basement of their home. I would follow him into his dark room and watch him mix chemicals onto paper – images would appear. I thought he was a magician. Those childhood years shaped me into the nomad traveler I am today. My grandfather taught me to look at life from all angles through a lens. I am very thankful to have come from a very international family of Vietnamese, Italian, and German background. My wife is from Slovakia, and our almost 2 year old son, will have a good time now explaining everything he is made up of to others.
My main focus is fine art landscape photography. I freelance with various travel magazines which feeds my obsession with the desert. If it’s a local road assignment, be sure to keep an eye out for my travel companion, my dog, “The General” – he’s visited 28 states, and turns 14 yrs old this June 22nd 2018. To make actual money though that puts food in the fridge for the family – weddings and corporate gigs. I’ve currently shot over 500 weddings and again – blessed to have met some of the most unique clients that chose me to capture their special day. My approach to wedding photography has a very photojournalist style to it. Those “candid” shots end up being the best shots because they catch the essence of what was really happening at that very moment. When I’m not shooting weddings or landscapes for magazines, you will also find me available for corporate events, commercial, food photography, product photography, couple portraits, band portraits and anything else you can think of that requires photography. I will travel anywhere and love to meet new people.
There’s nothing else really to say, except that I love to tell any story through my lens.
These last two years I have been focused on getting my work into more art galleries. They have been accepted for display in galleries, became finalists, or won various contests online, at Black Box Gallery OR, Wonderland SF Gallery, Capture the Nature, Life Framer, Exhibitions Without Walls FL, 1650 Gallery LA, Shoot the Frame, NVAL Gallery Silver Award Redding CA, Better photo, Matrix Fine Art Albuquerque NM, Blank Wall Gallery Athens, Greece, and many more.
A main theme that runs within my photo work is conservation, preservation and wildlife protection. These issues mean a lot to me and when I can, it may not be much; I really try to donate to these certain causes and help animals. I think everyone should find one cause they believe in and even if it’s just a dollar, remember – you’re helping. I just hope my photo work will inspire and energize viewers to think of anything from their own lives. I already have my own meaning behind each and every photo I make and share. I want viewers to make my photos their own.

Fun Facts: Music of choice while in the field making photos – David Bowie, Sting, and Billy Idol.



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