🔘Biography ➖ Javier García-Moreno Elizondo ➖ Mexico 🇲🇽

Photographer Javier García-Moreno Elizondo


➖ Javier García-Moreno Elizondo
➖ Mexico 🇲🇽

As a photographer, I have spent 30 years dedicating myself to preserving the cultural wealth of this country through images, because I am convinced that mutilating an old building is mutilating our history, that forgetting an old building is forgetting who we are.
The architecture presents in a visual way, understandable to all, the historical evolution of the towns. It speaks bluntly of both the civilizations that make up the past of a nation, and its vertiginous actuality. And the richer a country is, the more vibrant its architecture will be.
The architectural heritage of Mexico is immense and generous. Includes archaeological zones, churches and monasteries, haciendas, buildings that were the scene of the independence and revolutionary struggles. Undoubtedly, the history of our country lives in the beauty of its stones, but that heritage is at risk. It has been allowed to time to erase with many buildings, convents have been destroyed to build avenues, vandalism has taken thousands of buildings. And there is also a passive damage: that of ignorance. Many people do not know Mexico or value the jewelry that hides in every corner.
With this conviction I created my space, my website (javiergarciamoreno.com), a photographic project that pursues three objectives:
Offer a broad vision of the cultural capital of our country through places and details of its artistic face, apolitical and free of violence, which should be in the news.
Document and immortalize buildings that make up our architectural wealth.
Ennoble the perception of Mexico, inside and outside its borders.





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