🔘Biography ➖ Frøydis Dalheim ➖ Storsteinnes /Balsfjord -Norway 🇳🇴

Photographer Frøydis Dalheim


➖ Frøydis Dalheim
➖ Storsteinnes /Balsfjord -Norway 🇳🇴

My name is Frøydis Dalheim; a singer and photographer from Norway’s wild arctic region North Norway.
I enjoy combine multiple expressions and find connections in both art forms.
I feel so blessed living in Northern Norway, surrounded by this amazing scenery.
The light is unique and is magically reflecting the landscape with beautiful fjords and spectacular mountains.
In winter the Aurora performs her magical dance, and the midnight sun is shining endlessly through the summer nights.
As a photographer, I’m inspired by the voice of the nature.
Hiking with my camera, gives a lot of joy, energy and creativity. When the light and natural forces interact, both small and big things are put in perspective. Being a part of nature with its shifts and moods, while recreating some of this through the camera, makes me humble and proud.
Placing a person in a landscape image, I have found, can give extra depth and perspective, and the combination with landscape and human portraiture gives the images a different story.
Since I usually go alone on my trips, I mostly use myself as a model. It’s both practical and challenging, and gives me an additional dimension to the experience as a photographer.
I like to get inspiration from the narrative tradition from the region, from ancient tales, folk tales and stories from the Viking sagas.
Inspired by the beautiful nature here in Northern Norway, I Started taking photos in 2014, embarking on a fantastic journey developing my skills and creativity.
Since then I’ve try to acquire the best possible knowledge of photography, both through practical experience and courses.
I’m constantly looking for new challenges that can develop me as a photographer and mediator.


https://youtu.be/zajiLjFFAP0 Landscapes of the North My Song



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