🔘Biography ➖Carola Kayen-mouthaan ➖Brabant / Netherlands 🇳🇱

Photographer Carola Kayen-mouthaan


➖Carola Kayen-mouthaan
➖Brabant / Netherlands 🇳🇱

My name is Carola Kayen-Mouthaan I live with pleasure in Heijningen (Brabant) The Netherlands
I also have the luxury of a studio of my own.
I discovered my passion for photography in 2008, something I do for 10 years now with al lot of love and passion.
For me a photo has to radiate feeling and that is what I try to capture in my photos.
I started with a shoot of a friend she was pregnant, in a small attic, now I have a large studio near my house 6 by 9 meters, made by my husband. I get my inspiration from old paintings and internet. And sometimes I meet someone and I get an idea when I look at a person.
Since the beginning of 2016 I have discovered a new passion, Fine Art Photography because it has a lot of emotion, pure and old-fashioned feeling.
I like taking pictures that are differ from your standard photos, like a nude model with a real pig or a nude cats. I had also a real pony in my studio ones that wash a real challenge. He did not want to stand still ,With a lot of Patience it became a perfect picture. I love to work with real animals they are always a challenge,
I think that beauty is not something that people look like but that comes from within.
I have a number of publications in various magazines such as Imirage magazine, CameraCraft modellerland, ND magazine, Zoom,Chip photo magazine, FEMME Rebelle ,fineart photo magazine
I won And first price an second price in my category of last year by The Guild of photographers in England
And 2 Bronze Award by One Eye Country
I also give a seminar in England at the award weekend of The Guild of Photographer.
And in Belgium.
We are prepearing to go to Ierland and China to give workshops there.
I also give workshops in The Netherlands
I had my first exhibition on 22 May 2017 in The Netherlands
My pictures also hang at exebitions in Germany,Roma,Cape town
I hope to take my photography all around the world and Touch a lot of peoples harts with my pictures.





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