🔘 Biography ➖ Julien Bosredon ➖ Ornex / France 🇫🇷

Photographer Julien Bosredon

🔘 Biography

➖ Julien Bosredon
➖ Ornex / France 🇫🇷

Self-taught photographer born in 1979, passionate about color and panoramic.
Photography is not today my main activity, I try humbly to sell Fine Art prints of my most beautiful images and on request I do commercial shootings: portraits, pets, interior architecture, food photography, products …

I was introduced to film photography in the family environment : my father loved to share our expatriations around the world to our loved ones, leaving me with great memories of slide sessions .. my uncle on the other hand did initiate me to the scheduled photo outings, to be at the right time at the right place for one image; but also introduced me to the technique…

But it is only belatedly that I realized how the practice of photography brings me a form of serenity in an active life, far too tumultuous…

Passionate and willing to progress, in 2005 I have decided to invest in photography with a first digital SLR.
In parallel I quickly develop a taste for the panoramic format, … I have dreamed of a Fuji 617, then, probably for reason, I bought a second hand Hasselblad Xpan. Device that allowed me to learn how to compose for this particular format not easy to grasp.
However the difficulty of film photography, for someone like me, is that you learn slowly from your mistakes, because there is a lot of time between your shot and the result …

At the beginning, my Xpan’s scans had a very good resolution compared to digital cropping… Since then technology do allow high quality digital stitching.
This technique had become the biggest part of my workflow for Landscapes, Cityscapes and Nightscapes …

I therefore produce, by stitching, very high resolution images often exceeding 100 million pixels for exceptional sharpness and uncompromising details for all print sizes.
This technique makes it possible to consider the largest shots, without constraints related to the focal length, while having the possibility to restore almost any perspective …

If we can believe that our personality is reflected in our images, I think you could sense my geek side in the importance that I put in post-production, in the licked style that I try to give to my shots.
You could find my cinephile side in the ratio 20:9 that I use most often, influenced with no doubt by the framing of great movies as strong in my memory as some famous photograph… or in the saturated colors that I particularly like.

Today I try to share in this format, the perspectives and the colors that push me to go out more and more often … I like the idea that in each session there is a challenge:
Know that you do not control the elements and the light,
but be aware that if you engage into it and be technically as good as possible,
sometimes you may … sometimes only … give justice to the memories we have of these contemplative moments.


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