🔘Biography ➖ Ezequiel Martinez Alcaraz ➖ Elche / Spain 🇪🇸

Photographer Ezequiel Martinez Alcaraz


➖ Ezequiel Martinez Alcaraz
➖ Elche / Spain 🇪🇸

I was born in Elche, in a small town in southeastern Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea in 1972. Photography digital age arrived, I understood that they could increase the possibilities with this technology, and a new world of objectives and techniques to explore was opened before me.
The subject matter of my photos is nature and about the trips I usually take. My love for photography is the result of my other great hobby that is to travel and explore other towns, lands and meet other cultures.
Over the years, I have had the opportunity to explore many countries. In each one of them, I have returned with the sensation of not knowing anything, but at the same time, to have learned a lot, that everything is yet to be discovered, customs, people, landscapes, cities, in short once again I remain with a phrase that someone one day said “we are what we travel”.
My love of photography goes hand in hand with my passion for travelling and getting to know the world. That is why I try to capture in my images everything that I see and I feel, but it is never possible to do so, because you have to live it.
I have learned to approach photography methodically and this has allowed me to analyze in detail the situations and places that I want to capture in my work. I usually study the place, the light, the perspective, and in short all the factors that affect the photo, even before being there. Although there are some random elements like clouds and weather. The experience I have allowed me to take advantage of them in my favour.
I think that photography involves many factors, from the taking and elements of the scene to editing and post-production workflow, including photographic equipment. The combination and use of all these factors is what makes us unique, each professional, in this wonderful discipline.
I invite you to visit my website and follow me on my social networks, so as not to miss my next jobs and projects.






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