🔘 Biography ▪️ Firman Randani ▪️Sukabumi / Indonesia 🇮🇩


◾️▪️ Firman Randani
◾️▪️Sukabumi / Indonesia 🇮🇩


My name is word ramdani i am 25 years old living in indonesia sukabumi jawa barat I

Finks Ahiroel Bakrie ➖ Firman Randani

wrestling hoby in the field of photography starting from the year 2015 I was interested in photography macros where at that time I did not have the tools to work in because I can not afford to buy a camera has a very expensive price, but I am determined that anything will be possible if we are sure and sure can, in the future I open facebook and coincidentally I found a group and link on the technique of photographing macros with capitalize lens / mirror former roll camera that is not unused. a short story I went to a market that sells junk to buy a broken kodak camera and I bought it and unpacked it so that I am up to now working with makeshift tools and only with very cheap capitalize then I committed to work does not have to be expensive because the expensive it is the process and the end result.


Adzfinks macro phonegraphy

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