🔘 Biography ➖Vibeke Alvestad Johansen Ullensaker / Norway 🇳🇴

Vibeke Alvestad Johansen

🔘 Biography


◾️▪️Vibeke Alvestad Johansen
◾️▪️Ullensaker / Norway 🇳🇴


Fine art photographer and digital artist.


Five years ago, I chose a new path in my life. Going from real estate to living my dream as a fine art photographer and now also a digital artist.

I`m a self taught photographer and startet to learn editing my photographs by watching all kinds of videos. In the beginning I did not take any courses. The first year I opened my webshop here in Norway I sold over 500 artworks. That was amazing! But it took a lot of my time and suddenly I didn`t have time to create. So I closed my shop but hope to open it again soon.

I often got questions like; ”How do you do it?” How did you become and artist?” My answere is this; I CREATE ART. Every day! No matter what it is. It´s like training. If you skip one day, you may have to start over. Thats it. Just think about it for a minute. You can`t wait for your muse to show up. You have to do something, be there, be present and create. That is what I do. Not every art is worth putting out in to the world, but I create, I make art every day. And I love it.

I`m now a fine art photographer and digital artist. In 2016 I joined the “Photoshop Artistry” course by Sebastian Michaels and his more advanced program “AWAKE” now in 2017. I wanted to learn more and move forward. I love the artistic life and embrace it with all my heart. I am so happy I joined AWAKE and this has really given me new inspiration and possibilities.

I create every day, discover the world trough my lense and make art from what I have in hand to more advanced projects. My visions is to inspire, to make you wonder, and take you with me in to a world of beauty and sometimes darkness. There is often a lot of personal feelings in my art, but I can also go in to this wonderful fairytale world where everything can happen. I find inspiration everywhere, but most of all in the nature of my homeland.

While participating in this amazing AWAKE group, I was so lucky to have the opportunity to cooperate with award winning photographer Gabriel Olude and his wonderful muses. That is amazing and I am forever grateful.

My websites will hopefully reflect what I do and I hope you will be inspired too. I`m a happy girl living in a creataive world!


Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/imagocollectico/






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