🔘 Biography ➖ Gian-Luca Testa ➖ Momalle / Belgium 🇧🇪


Gian-Luca Testa


◾️▪️Gian-Luca Testa
◾️▪️ Momalle / Belgium 🇧🇪


I’m Gian-Luca TESTA, graduated from Saint-Luc College (Liege) as an Industrial Designer. I’ve always been interested in arts, such as painting, graphic design, stained-glass window making, web site design or, more recently, photography.

I enjoy these moments when I’m behind the camera searching for something that will catch my attention. I am rather interested in architecture, whether is contemporary or not. Life and people there are involved or not according to the relevance of their presence. The aim of my work is to magnify a place and to reflect its magnificence, to arouse curiosity and maybe create emotions.

Throughout my pictures, I hope that people will discover places they already know and they have passed by there so many times without really noticing them.


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