🔘 Biography ➖Ivan Sanz ➖Aranda de Duero / Spain 🇪🇸

Ivan Sanz

🔘 Biography

◾️▪️ Ivan Sanz
◾️▪️ Aranda de Duero / Spain 🇪🇸


Ivan Sanz called me and I am the founder of Luces Raras, a group of lightpainters who take photos by the
Night mainly.
7 years ago surprised by the new technique of lightpainting I started to experiment with the lights in the dark, thanks to the Spanish masters “El Niño de las luces”, “frodo kolo” or “Riders Of Light” I learned a lot and the fundamentals of this Technique, that allows you to create everything that your imagination allows you.
I spend the nights in ruins or incredible landscapes with friends having fun and creating in the dark with our light tools, although many things can be created in the computer, I prefer to do it in the location and practice until the result comes out even if it has to be done again and again.
Thank my sponsor of toolslightpainting.com where you can find lots of toys to create and paint.




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