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Matteo Bertetto


◾️▪️Matteo Bertetto
◾️▪️La Spezia / Italy 🇮🇹


Since childhood I have always had the passion for electronics and computers. I still remember my first pc at age 10, a Pentium 100 with which I spent my afternoons playing.

At age 13 I found out how to build one all by myself … a bit like those little boys who mount and disassemble motorcycles, the difference is that I did it in my little room.

My first contact with a camera I had before, my father had an old Canon film reflex, but I still did not understand how important this time would be to hobby this time.

The turn was on one of my trips. I was in Amsterdam and recently bought a Nikon D3200 and I had a single 18-55 goal with me … who would ever have thought that today I would find myself with a backpack full of goals!

From there I started my journey that has seen me grow by studying and following those that I consider the greatest: at national and world level.

Since this passion is part of me, my eye and my curiosity have changed … it’s amazing how my mind makes a photo even without a car in hand … the photograph goes far before the shot!

That’s why I think it’s not all photography randomly taken without thinking of the point of resumption of composition and position of the scene with respect to light … everything not to get home with a photo that does not tell anything neither technically nor content.

I’ve always been curious since childhood and curiosity is just that push that always leads me to believe that never ceases to learn … if I thought this my “journey” would end sooner or later … and that’s what I do not want.

When you start you photograph everything. In my archive I have photos of friends, girlfriends, landscapes, macro with insect flowers, children and my dogs … I have not deleted them and I will never do it … every time about these shots I notice my growth and this makes me proud.

It’s just taking pictures of everything that you understand then what your way is and by this you know who you are … I’m a landscaper!





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