◾️▪️ Anatomy ▪️◾️ ➖ Gabriel Olude ➖ Nigeria 🇳🇬

▪️ Gabriel Olude

▪️ Nigéria 🇳🇬


◾️▪️ Anatomy  ▪️◾️


I decided to explore The beauty of the female by shooting with a FineArt Perspective using Low light to capture the Art.
One of my courses in the New York Institute of Photography was Nude photography where appreciation for the shooting of nudes was taught. I do understand that this may be taboo for many but as an artist I decided to explore this aspect for the sake of Art itself. The body of a woman offers treasures and shredded in secrecy. Thus my deliberate design in shooting with low light and concealing the identity of the nudes who offered themselves to this study.
With and without clothes All Women are Masterpieces.
There is power in seeing less while yearning for More.
This Art will provoke but also give insight to the Deep beauty hidden.
No woman is Incomplete irregardless of what the media might project.
Every Woman is actually Beautiful.
A Masterpiece!


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