🔘 Biography ➖ Eugenio Jurado ➖ Barcelona / Spain 🇪🇸

Eugenio Jurado


◾️▪️Eugenio Jurado
◾️▪️Sant Joan de Vilatorrada / Barcelona ➖Spain 🇪🇸


In the photograph I grew up from a very young age when everything was analogous, there was no advantage of now and it was harder to get a well made photo, I was robbed of everything in Granada (Spain) and decided not to continue my hobby until 3 Years when I discovered the dijital era, I start again to leave and always alone, I’m self-taught, I fixed, I read and I practice practicing u applying analog methods, it seems difficult but for now I’m hunting some photo that another good to see.
I started the digital era with a second hand camera and old, soon jump to a better and now although I still in APSC is a very superior model, my camera is Canon 80D, used both automatic and manual lenses, I highly appreciate a manual of great quality Pentax ASAHI 50mm 1.4, at night I use a lot of new but also manual, Samyang 10mm 2.8 u the Canon 17-50 L F4, I have others that I use less for lack of time, a macro 1: 1 Tamron, another 150- 600 of Tamron, that every photographer has 50mm 1.8 and some more that it is not necessary to comment because of its lack of use.
I have been very fond of night photography and I am loaded with a shopping cart full of toys that give light almost all the colors and filters, to see how I move at night is a spectacle especially as I say by the load What a drag.




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