🔘 Biography ➖ Vito Donadei ➖ Taranto / Italy 🇮🇹

🔘 Biography

➖ Vito Donadei
➖ Taranto / Italy 🇮🇹



Vito Donadei was born in Taranto (Apulia-Italy) on September 4, 1968.

In 1988 I attended the first course of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari (enrolled in the 2nd year of painting) and bought my first reflex, a Zenith. Of course we are talking about an analogue instrument with focus and manual exposure. With a luggage behind years of design, after the Artistic High School of Taranto and the Academy of Bari, my interest in photography becomes a natural crescent, focused above all on the figurative subject and the portrait. At this stage, despite deepening matter through books, magazines, various courses and works, including developing and printing in the dark room, photography remains for me only a hobby.
The turn comes with the advent of digital. The first experience in this regard occurs during the service at the Carrismo School in Lecce in 1992, where, along with a young graphic designer, I approach for Photoshop for the first time and realize the first official school calendar. The positive experience of the military service will make me interested only in the digital world: photography and graphics. Acting directly on the image, first acquired as a file from the reflex and transported on the pc to be manipulated to your liking through digital graphics, is a natural continuation of pictorial art. I understand from now on that digital is the future and that will squander the analog; The resumption and printing in b / w is already an experience with only a few, lovers of classical photography.
Photography is now my profession, wedding services and ceremonies for a long time have been my daily life, although my main interest remained and remains the study of the human figure and the portrait. Today my activity is exclusively addressed to this type with an ever increasing interest in fashion and glamor photography.








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