🔘 Biography ➖ Mariano Marcetti ➖ Sassari / Italy 🇮🇹

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    Mariano Marcetti


◻️▫️ Mariano Marcetti
◻️▫️ Sassari / Italy 🇮🇹


About two years ago I went to a fashion event with models doing the catwalk and took with me my reflex (a very basic camera common to many). I attempted my first photo shoot inspired by the location and the models, using my personal perspectives and my viewpoint.
Many years working in the creative field of interior design and the familiarity of bringing together forms, colors and taste seemed to have found their favorable expression in the split second of a single shot because coming back home and having downloaded the pictures on my pc, I noticed I was pleased with the photographs.
From that moment on I began to get into studying the classic texts of photography and those less well known. I would search for images of photographers famous and not so famous and I struggled to get around photoshop and those editing softwares that are an indispensable part of modern photography.

My only certainty was my wish to photograph people in freezing a moment or an idea into an image.
After the beginning when I had been juggling between glamour and classical portraiture I came to realize that I was drawn to two things: fashion and conceptual photography.

Although these two are opposite ends of the spectrum, the idea was and still is to introduce concepts that communicate (whether ideas, emotions, methaphors or paradoxes) elements of fashion.

I try to express positive sensations (and at times negative ones, why not?) to the eyes that look, I try to express concepts to evoke worlds of reality or fantasy, or to create minimalist images, or pure fashion.

I think I took a fast track and now I am ready to explore job opportunities in this field.




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