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Natalia Aguado



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IrreBerenTe – Natalia Aguado

The photograph, the half conductor for the disconnection


My name is Natalia but my work is signed with the pseudonym IrreBerente; Yes with B; Is a long story that comes from my stays in the South where good humor is something that is in the air.

Bilbaína of birth and lover of the Cantabrian cornice, with special weakness for San Vicente de la Barquera, my main stage, my muse and very present in my work.

I started to take an interest in photography about seven years ago, when I was doing backlit pictures in the evenings with a compact, and my family, watching my enjoyment with this activity, gives me a small EOS 400 reflex with which I intend to learn photography. I use it until very little in this long learning without end, taking as an absolute priority the work behind the tripod, leaving the edition forgotten, so important these days, that I have as a pending subject and as the next challenge to face without too much hurry.

I am passionate about the clouds and the wonders that nature gives us, so photography has given me great satisfaction making me live amazing moments for its majesty; And many others, more subtle, but immense by their ephemeral and intimate beauty. It has also brought into my life excellent people who today occupy an important niche as fellow travelers, colleagues and friends.

The photography captivated me because to be able to stop an instant, a feeling, a moment … and to be able to do it eternal and to revive it every time you look at a photograph, it seems magic to me in capital letters. Pure magic.

My passion for the clouds makes my work have an important presence, as well as the human factor within the landscape. And with the Cantabrian so close the sea is another of my constants.

As a means of expression I find a fantastic tool and very versatile. For me it’s an escape valve. When I look at the viewfinder I concentrate and teleport myself to that parallel world I observe, in which I photograph the stage that I see as at that moment I am feeling it. My mind is silent and time seems to stop being a rewarding therapy for me.









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