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Giancarlo Vayra


◽️▫️ Giancarlo Vayra
◽️▫️ Genova / Italy 🇮🇹


My name is Giancarlo Vayra, I was born in the first postwar period in Genova -Italy, where I still reside. I am married, retired and happily grandfather of 5 beautiful grandchildren.

The passion for photography, I can assert, is in my DNA. From the age of 15, using a film camera, I was shocked … I was shocked … and then anxiously await the outcome of roll development. And then I was busy analyzing what was wrong or good was the result of my commitment.

The next step, years later, was the purchase of a reflex, in this case a Nikon F1, and all the kit to prepare rollers and develop in both dark and positive dark rooms.

The next stage was the transition to slides. I thought it was more effective to show them to friends.
The projections I proposed were for source of joy and pride.

And finally I came to digital. A real cultural revolution. The ability to see the result of the shot immediately is plausible to me. I did not lose the habit of studying the subject in order to evaluate the correct framing, I never shot … to burst … and then trimmed most of the frames.

I love photographing everything that’s in my eyes from emotion. I want to stop the time. Capture the moment, to return it with calm and satisfaction over time. I have also refined, of course, the necessary post-production capacity, given that it is only in raw format.

The subjects I’m resuming may be the most disparate. Macro, portraiture, landscaping, urbex etc ..
They are a source of perpetual inspiration. This does not mean that I feel like a great photographer, I’m just happy with the results of the shots, obviously selected, and always ready to criticize and accept criticism. You can never consider arriving. Life is constantly evolving and its skills are continually refining. In short, you do not have to, and you can not stop learning.

Good light is for me the best wish I can do.

This in short is my biography, if some good-looking, would like to have a look at some of my work, these are the links of Flickr sites and Facebook where they are posted.







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