🔘Biography                     ➖ Dijah Abreu Junior   ➖ Rio Grande do Norte / Brazil 🇧🇷

🔶Artist and photographer
◾️▪️ Dijah Abreu Junior

◾️▪️ Rio Grande do Norte / Brazil 🇧🇷
 Born in a small town called Areia Branca, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, known for its production of sea salt. About to turn six years old, moved with the family moved to the capital, Natal, one of the host cities of the 2014 Football World Cup, where he has since lived. After completing the secondary level of his education, he began to study Architecture through the influence of one of my brothers and for the fact he always liked large constructions, built spaces and big cities, although he always liked nature. During this course in a university Federal, Eventually I had contact with CAD programs, who do their work in modeling and rendering 3D images for constructors for their marketing, and although a real passion of Dijah is authorial work, and always that study is not important for the area of Acting, used his study time to create 3D images that earned him some awards, especially in 2003, when his works were published. No Exposé 3 from Ballistic Publishing, the best yearbook for digital art and some smaller prizes. In forums here by Brazil and in Some other international sites. Despite a work job, once they earn a living with 3d modeling and rendering, then they had to continue to do business. Eventually the programs that dijah uses in their models and rendering have become more and more advanced with an inclusion Of physically correct lighting and cameras, with a vision of need to learn the basic Concepts of photography, just as he had his first serious contact with photography. He spent a so much admire that on impulse to study more and more about photography, framing composition, well known photographers … Then came his first international trip to London – UK. At the time, dijah endowing a good enthusiast camera. And like every tourist, he produced many photos, but of course, raw and paying attention to framing rules and so on. When he came back, he is still learning to process raw files, but eventually he learned (being self-taught in many, even in modeling and 3d rendering). Dijah started a photo post online and found that there was a Photo Association where she lives, and started posting photos on her online page. The board liked how Dijah photographed and still photographs architectural details with different and unusual angles of various historic buildings in London and Oxford that invited one to be a member of the association And make your best exposure: A collection of photos showing the abandonment of Buildings Historical. And even not planning, some of these photos were bought by people who went to an exhibitor.Dijah had his first contact with commercial photography was also prominent. A prestigious local hotel has commissioned a series of 20 to 30 photographs for its marketing for the summer period, as Dijah resides in a city with a tourist benefit and is one of its strongest economic activities. When you had permission to post those photos online, some friends asked for what is not a thing, but you can do some very artistic photo essays, and even a former boss, who is a local construction director, ordered a series of photos Of one of the newly built condominiums for a national magazine. All this happened in the space of a year and Dijah had to perform all this while continuing to work with modeling and 3d rendering … and although working for rewarding commercial purposes, his true promotion is still by authorial work, and by This is a version today, it is inclined to the Fine Arts market, and this requires more than a one-shot capture of a scene or landscape. It is necessary for his personal vision and to develop his personal style to excel. The influences of Dijah range from renaissance paintings to designers and illustrators, most notably Jean Giraud “Moebius” and H. R. Giger. Moebius has a unique style and extremely characteristic, sometimes with more minimalist and at other times, well detailed. Also dizage by the aspect of films and old-fashioned nuclei like Kodachrome, and feature films like “… and the Wind Levou” and Ben-Hur. Even so, he says he does not seek to imitate that vintage look, but to be inspired by them. Steve McCurry, Ansel Adams, Brigitte Lacombe, Joey Lawrence, Ken Duncan, and is a great admirer of Sebastião’s work. He is a great admirer of Sebastião’s work. 

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