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A little bit about me. My name is Fidaa Haddad. I am a 34 years old proud mother of 3 children. I’m originally Palestinian but I was born and raised in beautiful Jordan, but I moved afterwards to live in my beloved Palestine.
I obtained my Programming and database degree plus CISCO networking and routers engineering. And worked in that field for few years then I decided to give up becuase it was hard to find a desent job when I moved to Saudi Arabia.
Throughout my life, I have lived in many places like Amman, Hebron ,Ramallah and India, and I have been living for the past 10 years in Saudi Arabia.
Moving from one place to another and traveling alot had a great influence on my passion for photography. I wanted to save all the precious memories I could through my lens!
At the beginning, I learned how to cook and prepare food, and that came from my passion towards food photography. It was a very rough start for me, which made me even more persistent to reach my goal. To me, the internet was my endless source of knowledge to learn and develop my photography skills till I finally became a very good photographer in the Still Life genre.
I’m hoping in the future to learn all about Product Photography to be able to turn my hobby into a professional career. I know one day I will!





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