🎞 Documentary Urbex ➖ Giovanni Roncan ➖ Verona / Italy 🇮🇹

🎞 Documentary Urbex

➖Giovanni Roncan
➖Verona / Italy 🇮🇹
⬜️◾️▫️The poetry of an abandoned place ▫️▪️⬜️
At the end of the photography course I was given the final exam which was to represent in a photo of the human passage. From here my scopreta urbex the kind that has bewitched me to the point of becoming my genre difficult. This I will show you is a beautiful abandoned village of Italy.

◾️Local Description:

The area under construction is from a donation made by Matilde of Canossa to the monks of the Abbey of St. Benedict in Poliron.

With the advent to the power of the Gonzaga, the area passed under the control of the noble family. The complex was built between the 14th and 15th centuries as a house-fortress, assuming the connotation of a fortified rural court.

The building was owned by Sigismondo I Gonzaga, of the Gonzaga of Vescovato. The villa was inhabited by the leader Fulvio Gonzaga, who carried out important renovations and retired at the end of the sixteenth century to dedicate himself to literary activities. The building went to Sigismondo II Gonzaga, marquis of Vescovato, and then in 1567 to his son Carlo Gonzaga. Prince Ottavio I Gonzaga built the central part of the palace and the gardens in 1661 to transform it into his residence with the contribution of architect Frans Geffels. [1] Pirro Maria, Ottavio II Gonzaga and her daughter Marianna (1706-1758) succeeded in the estate. After this period began the decline of the court, which until the middle of the 19th century was owned by the Cavriani family.
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