🔘 Biography ➖ Limor Bahar ➖ Jerusalem / Israel 🇮🇱


◾️▪️ Limor Bahar
◾️▪️ Jerusalem / Israel 🇮🇱

My love story with the Art of photography and my camera began about two years ago. I received a brand new camera-Canon Eos M as a birthday present from my dear husband befor our trip to INDIA.From the very first shot i felt in love .I have started to notice all the little ditails on my daily bassis since than.The world of photography lead you to new colors, emotions and prospectives.Exploring and observing india with my camera was a real loss of senses. l love photography in general ,but my pasion is people .The look in their eyes and the way they give themselves to the photo ,gives me a great satisfaction.Looking at a photo is like time travel,you look back at a moment that was in the past and experience it all over again.Today i no longer use my ‘baby camera ” and i moved to profesional cameras: Canon eos 5d mark iv and the Canon eos dx1.


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🔘 Cover Day ➖ Roberto Reginali ➖ Sardinia / Italy 🇮🇹

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🔘 Biography ➖ Waseem Sarayra ➖ Amman / Jordan 🇯🇴


◾️▪️ Waseem Sarayra
◾️▪️ Amman / Jordan 🇯🇴
Im 40 years old from Jordan
A father for 4 lovely kids
Two years ago I discovered my passion about photography especially the wild life when i saw once a wonderful capture and then i decided to tearn.
Learning wasnt easy at all ..on the opposite i thought..it was hard and need efforts and time and gears but that was fine for me and never stopped me from learning
I was so determind and glad during that and going alot of trips to dessert to find beautiful creatures.and that was a real new whole world for me
So i spent the previous time focusing on wild life
But i love photography in all types and recently i start

learning still life, portarit
And macro
I wish some day be a professional photographer.


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