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 I Am ” Gabriel Olude “Awarding Winning” PhotoArtist and YOU can be a Part of this Success by Commenting, Rewiewing & Rating My BusinessPage.

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About Gabriel Olude

Born in 1972 in Lagos, Nigeria, Gabriel Olude has a deep passion for fine-art photography. Coming from a family background of photographers, Gabriel has taken his passion a step higher: He has been carving out a niche for himself in fine-art photography, a genre of photography not common in Nigeria.

His love for his art is as deep and endless as the oceans. Coming from a family of photographers – including his dad and his uncles – it was inevitable that Gabriel Olude would choose that same profession.

As a budding photographer, Gabriel learned the basics from Don Barber, a seasoned pro who has trained thousands of students. Later, he enrolled in the Complete Course at the prestigious New York Institute of Photography, and further improved his skills through various other online courses. One of these courses truly transformed his concept of photography: Sebastian Michaels’ course turned Gabriel into a fine-art photographer.

Ever since joining that course Gabriel’s works have been featured in several international online and offline magazines, and he has been awarded international mentions by numerous professional Facebook platforms.

Gabriel loves to share his knowledge, his vision and experience with his students, and he plans to train at least 200 fine-art photographers, further developing the art of fine-art photography.

Some of His Art has had the privilege of Being Featured as Cover For Facebook Groups,also in International Magazines(Online & Offline) and has been appreciated with numerous International Awards.

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