🔘Biography                     ➖ Chamara Ranathunga                     ➖ Naranwala / Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 

◾️▪️ Chamara Ranathunga 

◾️▪️ Naranwala➖Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 

Hello, I’m Chamara Ranathunga and I’m from a small village named as Naranwala located in the Western province of Beautiful Sri Lanka. I’m a software engineer by profession and works for Sri Lanka Navy on the rank of Lieutenant and married to a IT teacher who loves photography as much as I do. I was a nature lover since my childhood and loved to travel and to be around natural habitats and kept all those beautiful memories in my mind. Lately I managed to store those beautiful memories as soon as I bought my first camera phone. Ever since I captured a lot of memories and got appreciated by number of persons for capturing those moments with different perspectives. I was encouraged to buy a DSLR by my beautiful wife and bought a Nikon D5300 in 2016 and started to learn about photography without just clicking everything I see. In another few months, I bought a Nikkor 55-300mm lens to get closer into the object in the distance and a macro extension tube to step in the macro world. Photography always helps me to free up my mind and gives a different dimension to my busy life style. I learned a lot of common practices and ethics in photography from few good friends I met over the internet and I’m always very grateful to them for giving me advices and encourage me throughout the journey.
I’m always happy to learn anything about photography from anyone who likes to share their knowledge and experience. At the same time, I’m always there to help anyone who seeks guidance with the knowledge and limited experience I have to make their journey in photography a beautiful and a nature friendly one.


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