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◾️▪️ Jessica Napolitano

◾️▪️ Italy 🇮🇹

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica Napolitano. I am 22 years old and I was born in Gaeta. I live in Italy precisely in a small village called Santi Cosma and Damiano in the province of Latin. In life as well as to dedicate myself to photography, i help in a family company. I love traveling. I love hot countries. I am a very open person, cheerful and always ready to help others.
Fundamental characteristic of my photographs is the creativity, that accompanies me since i’m a lucky girl. Why? Because through photography you have a vision of the reality, that is more ”fantastic and expanse as in a fairytale”. To say it short: It is as if I thought like a ”child“, that seeks to create that kind of atmosphere, you find ”there”. As well as being creative I must say I am also a good observer. I observe everything around me and even with a ”simple location” I can often pull out the best or rather hopefully;) I always loved pictures in general. I think the camera can reveal the secrets, that the naked eye or the mind does not grasp. Everything disappears except the one, that is focused with the lens. Photography is an exercise in observation and a ”challenge” to consequently creating through it the combination of truth and beauty called art. But another very important thing as well as the ”creative” is the makeup artist. To me the makeup artist plays a vital role in getting the photos already good before the post-production. I was lucky enough to find ”Lina”. She ”facilitates“ the job with her tricks nothing less than from fantastic to perfect. Without her, i think, the result would not be the same!
I always loved photography in general, but I never studied this passion, until I had the good fortune to meet a great person, my boyfriend, who is a portrait photographer. Initially i lent myself to him as a model. Then about 7 months later I decided to stand behind the camera and I truly have to say“ I LOVE THIS FORM OF ART “. I love it as you see in my pictures. I love to create atmosphere and the perfect location. To say it short: I love EVERYTHING. It gives me really a lot of satisfaction and i’m even more pleased with the result, that I managed to get it done in such a short time.

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🔳◾️▫️ Fine Artphotography             🔸 Artist Joyce Maris Bio                                            ▪️ South Coast of NSW ➖Australia 🇦🇺 

◾️▪️ Fine Artphotography 

◾️▪️ Artist: Joyce Maris Bio
I live on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia, right next to Jervis Bay.
I have been drawing faces for about 5 years which is one of my artistic passions. I usually refer to a reference photo for light and shadow, and the face profile and draw mainly soulful expressions using bigger than normal eyes. I like it when my faces are out of proportion.
My favourite media to use is waxy coloured pencils, acrylic paint and smooth watercolour paper.
Once the face is complete the real fun begins. I take a photo of it and in Lightroom adjust the image (mainly brighten), then into Photoshop where the face and background come alive. I am very much an organic artist, finding my way through an art piece by experimentation.
As i normally do not draw hair on the original face drawing, I incorporate digital elements in Photoshop to create a sense of wild hair or headpiece. I use textures and elements with blend modes for the background and use textures and adjustment layers to change or enhance the colours and tones, to accomplish a unified look. I always use dodge & burn and also use AutoFX for lighting effects. On some images I use the Topaz plugin (Impressions, Clarity, Clean) to get a certain look or feel. I use texture/s to create a vignette and lately i have been experimenting with Particle Shop plugin.
Still so much to learn, to experiment with, and so much fun and excitement to be had.
“I love my artistic life”

Joyce Maris website:

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🔘 Biography                         ➖ Serge-bernard Reat     ➖ Le Noyer / France 🇫🇷 

▪️▪️ Serge-bernard Reat

▪️▪️ Le Noyer / France 🇫🇷         

                                  Retired from the National Education I live in a small village of Hautes-Alpes located at 1100m altitude.

                                  Like many amateur photographers of my generation I started the photo by black and white which allowed to have a small lab at home to develop dandruff and make prints on paper …
                                  Then came the digital but I “resisted” long before abandoning the photograph silver.
                                  My favorite areas are landscape, macro and proximity.


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