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My name is Emmanuel Fourcade, 29, lives in the heart of the Baron with my wife Loni Lara and my 19-month-old son.
I discovered the stone balance by chance on the net, so I tried and since that day I could not stop putting the stones in balance!
A major personal challenge between perseverance, concentration, and endurance is a transcendence.
The goal is to find the balance point of each stone to build structures that seem to defy the laws of gravity when in fact they play inside! Between counterbalance, friction, pressure is a physical game that only works on felt, there are no rules, just the feeling!
It is also a true sharing with nature and what it has prepared in order to impact as little as possible in a fragile environment, in fact it is a mixture of all this added to the indescribable pleasure when we lose stones and it works, all this gives an extremely Addictive together!
Naturally photography became, at first, only served to solidify my ephemeral balances and then, gradually, only the work of framing, composition, colors, lights and finally reach a perfect balance, if I then say, Between the photo and the stone balance.
It’s a way of restoring what I’ve seen and felt right now, about a whole sum in the process.


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