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🔶 Gina Bochis ➖ Romania 🇷🇴


Since childhood I have loved art in all its forms and I think of having tried everything: painting, drawing, poetry, dance, music school, school of theater … but when I received it as a gift my first photo camera (and not even remember how old I was), everything to me began to take on other meanings: the sound of rain, the silence, the fog, the emotions expressed, the morning dew, the prayer, the hugs, the seasons… Photography has helped me live life a lot better and completely change my perspective on the world. I started to see everything with different eyes and I became a witness to the miracle of the world.
I am an insatiable observer. I like to watch carefully the nature and show it in its glorious and elemental simplicity. But “simple” does not mean “boring.” Decide what to leave out of the frame and creating a good image is not as simple as you may think. Get rid of unnecessary details to try to create metaphors of the basics of life. This my personal interpretation of photography.
I spend a lot of time in nature, I have a deep regard for nature and I hope to express, through my photos, the deep spirituality that I find in nature. There is a certain freedom that comes only when we are immersed in the natural world. I like to share with others the amazing, beautiful and powerful forces that have created the Earth we live on.
So, if you like, come with me in this journey… explore, feel, consider, and take something with you. This is nature through my eyes.






Soul Photographers Best Album ➖ Cover Day➖21/11/2016

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